Join the Community!

There are quite a few ways to get involved with the PyCQA.

  1. You can contribute directly to projects in a variety of ways
  2. You can start discussions by opening issues on our meta repository
  3. You can chat with us on IRC on the Freenode server in the ##python-code-quality channel (See also “Using IRC”)
  4. You can join our mailing list (this list does not receive a large amount of messages so it should not cause an information overload if you join)

Using IRC

IRC is an old and durable protocol that allows people to chat in real time. There are many ways to begin using IRC but we recommend using Freenode’s webchat as it is both secure (served over TLS) and should work in any browser. has a great tutorial to learn how to use IRC.

If you outgrow Freenode’s webchat, there are a number of other options for connecting to IRC. Wikipedia has an overwhelmingly long list of IRC clients.

The following is a list of clients that the current members of the PyCQA use:


  • Hexchat (Graphical, Also works on macOS and Linux)


  • Textual (Graphical, WebKit based)
  • weechat (Curses, Terminal program)


  • weechat (Curses, Terminal program)
  • irssi (Curses, Terminal program)